How do we meet?

We have three main services each Sunday; a worship and communion service (Breaking of Bread), a Family Bible Hour with songs and preaching/teaching, and an evening service which is directed more towards fellowship and Bible study.Visitors are very welcome.

The communion service is the place where the most difference from other churches will be noticed. Apart from an initial welcome from the day's chairman and a devotional thought from one of the men, the meeting is essentially unstructured, with the men as they are led by the Holy Spirit contributing songs of worship and prayers, and also bringing Bible readings and short devotional thoughts.

Any of the men of the assembly who are born again and walking with the Lord may administer the bread and cup to the church. A prayer of thanks precedes each of these, which are then passed to people who remain seated. The communion is understood to be symbolic of Christ's sacrifice for us. The symbols themselves are usually normal bread and a non-alcoholic communion wine. We do not believe that any "grace" is imparted to the participant as he/she partakes of the symbols. We believe that any participant should be a follower of Jesus, for whom the symbols represent the means of their personal salvation, and their receiving of the symbols reflects their personal receiving of the salvation that Jesus gives.

A voluntary offering or collection is taken at the end of the service, to meet the running costs associated with the Chapel, its ministries, and for missions and missionaries.

In the course of the week, a number of Home Fellowship or Bible Study groups meet and we encourage all our regulars to belong to one of those if possible. On some weekdays there are also weekly and/or monthly meetings for prayer.

Take the time to look over the infomation below or the links mentioned on our Web page and you will know more about us, what we believe and how we function.