What do we believe?

1. God is the supreme being in the universe. He is the loving Creator of everything, perfect, infinite, eternal and sovereignly in control of all things.

2. The Bible is the inspired word of God and is our only final authority for held beliefs and practice in the church and as individuals.

3. God is a Trinity, each Person of which is equal in importance and power. The different Persons of the Trinity have differing roles in the activity of God.

4. The Lord Jesus Christ is truly and fully Deity, yet, at the same time, fully human and sinless. During His incarnation He was subject, as any man, to temptation, yet always submitted to His Father and never sinned.

5. Man and all else that exists was created by God perfect in every way. Man took a conscious decision to sin and rebel against God and that is the situation for all people, other than Jesus, who ever were since that point in time.

6. Jesus Christ the Son of God entered our world as truly God and truly human, to voluntarily die in the place of every person, taking for us God's righteous punishment for our sin and rebellion. He bodily rose from the dead and ascended to the Father in Heaven. He is the only intercessor, and mediator between God and people. There is no other source of grace.

7. It is necessary for every person to personally accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, this process we call the new birth. No one can initiate that process except God Himself.

8. The Holy Spirit is a person and truly and fully Deity also. He is given by God to each person at the time they believe and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

9. All believers should maintain good works and godly living.

10. The reality and personality of angels, who minister to believers.

11. The reality and personality of the fallen supreme angel Satan, who is God's enemy and ours, and is to be resisted though not feared. With him there are other fallen angels called demons.

12. Each person, when they believe, is immediately made a part of Christ's church, and is given gifts so that he/she can minister to the Church. We do not believe that the gift of tongues is a test of true conversion or a higher spiritual plane to be striven for. We do not practice the gifts of tongues or healings in our church meetings.

13. There will be a resurrection of the body of all dead believers.

14. The destiny of believers is to enjoy eternal blessedness in the very presence of God.

15. Our Lord Jesus Christ will return in person and the bodies of all believers alive at that time will be changed and made immortal.

16. The living and the dead will be judged by the Lord Jesus Christ; believers at "the judgment seat of Christ" for rewards, and people who never believe in Jesus, at "the Great White Throne" judgment.

17. The destiny of people who never believe in Jesus during this life is eternal punishment in the place the bible calls Hell - this is also called the Second Death and follows "the Great White Throne" judgment.

18. The present world is to be ended in God's timetable. All believers will be taken to God's presence, while those who refuse Jesus Christ will be put away from God forever.